Discover shrouded in clouds Y Ty.

Y Ty, a mountainous township in Lao Cai province, is famous among Vietnamese trekkers for its beautiful cloudscape.

Y Tý- Lao Cai

Y Ty in Bat Xat District, about 70 km north of the tourist town of Sa Pa, is quite isolated due to the high mountains surrounding north-western Vietnam. The community, which sits 2,000 meters above sea level, is home to the H’mong, Dao, Giay and Ha Nhi ethnic minorities. Located at an altitude of 2000 m, Y Ty is covered by clouds and fog all year round, and the sun rarely shines brightly enough throughout the day. Ty is famous for the zigzag paths, the peaceful valleys, the sparkling terraces under the yellow lights of the sun, the simple little houses of the ethnic villages, the colors of the ancient forest and the clouds in harmony with the mountains. If you come to Y Ty, you should visit the Muong Hum market. Like other highland markets, the Y Ty market brings with it the cultural colors of the North West’s ethnic minorities. This market sells all kinds of handcrafted products, clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, selected foods, fruits, etc. Also, you must visit Hong Ngai Hamlet, Sin Chai Hamlet and Lao Chai Hamlet with the special architecture of Mong ethnic group; Sightseeing along the beautiful and impressive road to A Lu during the rice harvest and above all “follow the clouds” in Y Ty with the trekking tours.It is interesting to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset in the murky sea in the early morning and late afternoon.
With the country famous for its beautiful cloud-capped peaks to take some good photos on my first morning before heading out to Ngai Thau Thuong and Ngai Thau Ha before sunrise, two well-known and picturesque villages, cloud waves over the Mountain cliffs flushed, It resembles a road to heaven leading to Ngai Thau Thuong and Ngai Thau Ha. Lush, terraced paddy fields dotted with H’mong huts lie beneath the white horizon.

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