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Evisa Vietnam for Nauru citizen

It takes 7.39 hours to arrive Vietnam from Nauru If you travel plane (which has average speed of 560 miles).

Nauru established diplomatic relations with Vietnam on 2006. However, Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate is not available in Nauru. The nearest Vietnam Embassy you can visit in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines and Taiwan. Therefore, Nauru citizen worried how to get Vietnam visa if they cannot visit Vietnam Embassy. Don’t worry, Evisa is an improvement in many ways for a better visa service of Vietnam. Evisa help Nauru people or foreigners who live in Nauru  easy to get visa to arrive Vietnam instead of visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in the neighboring countries in person.

Internet has really connected people and made life more convenience. One of the greatest benefits is Evisa that has shown a lot of improvement, Nauru citizen live around the world can apply to get evisa through website.

An electronic visa (Evisa) is one of visa types issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department via electronic system. Vietnam Evisa is valid for maximum of 30 days, single entry with entering Vietnam by bus, train, cruise, ship, ferry or airplane. 

You can simply upload your scan passport and photo at website when applying for Vietnam Evisa. After paying the fee online, your Vietnam Evisa will be ready within 2 working days. The shorter time and less expense that come with applying Evisa are the main factors that make many people go for that method compared to the others tedious and expensive.  That is the main reason we are advising any person wishing to visit Vietnam to go for Vietnam Evisa. This will make people who are wishing to visit Vietnam not to get worried about how long the process may take for them to acquire the visa.

Vietnam currently has 8 airports, 16 land border gates and 9 sea border gates that allow foreigners to enter and exit by Evisa. It is convenient in case you visit some Southeast Asian countries before coming to Vietnam by road. However, You have to determine your arrival border crossings or airport before departure. Changing after applying for e-visa is not allowed.

Please choose express service in 2 working hours or 8 working hours in case you are in urgent.

Please note that There is only one type of visa that is available on e-visa system: 30-day and single entry visa.

Therefore, who want to stay in Vietnam more than 30 days; or those who expect to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times (for visiting the 3rd countries like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand,… before coming back to Vietnam and flying home), Approval letter is the best option.

Although Approval letter is use to show and get stamp visa at Vietnam airport only, not can use to enter Vietnam by land, cruise, train but you can apply approval letter for get 3 months single entry, 1-3-6 months multiple entries and 1 year multiple entries. The Visa on arrival (or VOA) is highly recommended with a special reserve flight for emergency situations within 1 hour, 4 hours or 8 hours.

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