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Vietnam Embassy in Albania


·         Complete Name: Republic of Albania

·         Native Name: Shqipëria

·         Currency: Albanian lek

·         Country code: 355

·         Official language: Albanian language

The traditional way to apply for a visa to Vietnam: Contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Albania. But: We regret to inform that there is no Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in Albania currently. Please contact Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Hungary or other countries during business hours for visa issues.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that, in case of needing assistance, Vietnamese citizens can contact the hotline of the Vietnamese Embassy in Hungary concurrently Albania at (36-1) 342 5583 or the Protection switchboard. citizen of the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs +84 981 848484.

Q: How to get a visa for Albanian citizens?

Answer: Albanian citizens or residents can choose one of the two options below to apply for a visa to Vietnam:

  1. Apply Vietnam visa directly at Vietnam Embassy in Hungary or other countries. In case you want to get stamped visa at Vietnam Embassy, ​​we ask your agency to apply visa on arrival for better support.

Detailed information about Vietnamese Ambassador to Hungary concurrently Albania
Name of the Embassy of Hungary
Address 1062 Delibab U.29, Budapest, Hungary
Telephone (36-1) 342 5583
Fax (36-1) 342 8798

  1. Apply a visa on arrival to Vietnam with us: Apply when you travel to Vietnam by air and don’t have enough time to go to the Embassy.
    Visit our website or Or contact our customer care consultants via email

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