Arrive in TSN airport late with visa on arrival

I will arrive in HCM city around 1am from the Philippines. I am a EU passport holder and will be traveling with Filipinos who don’t need a visa. Will it be possible at that time to enter with a visa on arrival or would it be better to get a visa in advance from Manila. I am concerned if i arrive in HCM at that time everything will be closed and i may have to sit there until the morning. Anyone have any experience arriving at HCM very late?

More and more people use the visa on arrival possibility, much cheaper and the “Visa on arrival” desk of the airport is open until the last international flight arrives. And how to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

It’s very simple. Please follow 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill out your Vietnam visa application form

Step 2: Choose payment method and pay for service fee

Step 3: Check your email inbox to receive the approval letter within 24 working hours (or the maximum time is 48 working hours).

Step 4: When you reach your designated Vietnam airport, present this letter, pay stamping fee and get your Vietnam visa.

Please can apply at our homepage or send an email to info@evisavietnam.org,  we will help you to apply for visa to Vietnam. Within 1-2 working days, you can receive an approval letter to get Vietnam. 

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