Ba Be Lake and National Park

Embedded in breathtaking limestone landscapes, Ba Be Lake is known as the largest natural lake in Vietnam. Today it is the central section of a vast national park. The park and surrounding area is a limestone region abounding with lakes, waterfalls, caves and unusual rock formations. The beautiful lake is surrounded by evergreen forests that are home to many ethnic minorities.

Ba Be Lake

Babe Lake is covered by tropical and semi-tropical Thai monsoon evergreen forest with the rich biodiversity of about 50 species of animals, more than 400 plants and many species of insects, reptiles and birds.The park’s ten endangered animals include two primates, the black gibbon and the Tonkinese snub-nosed monkey.

Sitting in a flat-bottomed boat, gliding through the calm waters and contemplating the natural scenery that surrounds you is a feeling difficult to describe. The latter is one of the rarest species in the world and is in danger of extinction. Flora and Fauna International is working with park authorities and other authorities to save this attractive creature.

Lake Ba Be is actually three separate lakes connected by wide canals.Altogether it is about 7 km long and 1 km wide. This huge lake is home to about 50 species of freshwater fish. The surface of the lake is almost always calm, making a boat trip a tranquil experience. You can also visit caves and islands here.

Many small ethnic minority villages such as Tay, Red Dao, Coin Dao and White H’Mong live in the national park area.Except for performances and demonstrations for tourists, travelers have few opportunities to see the colorful costumes of these groups.

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