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Dong Ba market in Hue city, Vietnam

Dong Ba Market, located in the eastern corner of the Citadel, near the merger of Dong Ba Canal and Huong River, is one the must see sites in Hue.

Dong-Ba- Market

The market, which was previously outside the Chanh Dong Gate of the citadel and burned down in the summer of 1885, was restored by King Dong Khanh in 1887 and named Dong Ba. In 1889 it was moved to the junction of the Huong River and the west bank of the Dong Ba Canal, a small canal connecting the bazaar to the busy river port of Bao Vinh, Lo Street and Thanh Ha.


Dong Ba Market is not only popular as a symbol of Hue Civilization, but also a place for tourists to enjoy and buy traditional specialties and handicrafts, such as:

·         Phu Cam conical hats

·         Hien Luong scissors

·         bronze articles of the Duc guild

·         Phuoc Tich pottery

·         Bao La rattan and bamboo products

·         Ke Mon jewelry

·         Nam Thuan sweets

·         Tuan tea

·         Huong Can mandarins

·         Luong Quan-Nguyet Bieu shaddocks – pomelos

·         Tinh Tam lotus

·         Everyday Hue dishes: clam rice, beef noodles, shrimp cakes, pancakes, bean puddings, sour shrimps, and My Lai shredded

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