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Latest news: travellers can still apply for a 3 month multi-entry Vietnam visa on arrival at our website

During the last ten years, air travellers entering Vietnam has used visa on arrival service as the fastest and simplest way to obtain a Vietnam visa. With visa on arrival service, applicants can obtain their visa within a very short time: 1-2 working days or just 2-3 working hours without experiencing any complicated paperwork. Among the most common types of Vietnam visa on arrival, a three month multiple entry visa is a favorite options for most businessmen.

Having a three month multiple entry visa, applicants can enter and exit Vietnam with an unlimited times of visits within the visa validity (3 months). However, some posts updated recently stated that this type of visa is not accepted at Vietnam airports anymore. People can’t be granted this visa directly at the airport and anyone applying for this visa must visit an embassy to get their visa stamped on their passport prior to departure.

Along with this news, many online agencies stop providing this visa type nearly at the same time. This will not become a problem if all travellers visit an embassy to get their 3 month multiple entry visa before their trip. It’s not always convenient for a traveller to visit an embassy to make visa procedure due to the long distance or processing time. Most travellers prefer getting their visa in a simplest and fastest way even non-working day or public holiday so they choose visa on arrival service.

At the present, a large number of visa online agents has stopped providing 3 month multiple vietnam visa on arrival. However, we are pleased to inform that you can still be granted the 3 month multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival by using our service. We are still providing 3 month multiple vietnam visa within normal processing time. Please put all your worries aside and contact us for any further questions you may have about visa issues.

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