Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nowadays, the tourism industry of Ho Chi Minh City is very strong and becomes the biggest tourism center in Vietnam. Annually, there are a great number of tourists coming to the city. Ho Chi Minh City has various attractions as Ho Chi Minh Museum, formerly known as Dragon House Wharf, Cu Chi Tunnels, system of museums, theatres, cultural houses…currently, many tourist areas are invested such as Thanh Da, Binh Quoi Village, Dam Sen Park, Saigon Water Park, Suoi Tien, Ky Hoa…, which attract millions of tourists every years.


As a unique mix of the variety of culture features from Chinese, Vietnamese and European, Ho Chi Minh City includes a plenty of splendid building and beautiful sightseeing. After more than 300 years of development, Ho Chi Minh City presents many ancient architectural constructions, famous vestiges and renowned sights. These include Nha Rong (Dragon House Wharf), Quoc To Temple (National Ancestors Temple), Xa Tay (Municipal Office), Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theatre as well as many pagodas and churches (Vinh Nghiem, Giac Vien, Giac Lam, Phung Son pagodas…). Ho Chi Minh City is definitely a symbol of a combination between the traditional national values of northern and western cultures.

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